Careers at DGS 

What is DGS Northfield?

The Denver Green School Northfield is the newest middle school option (6th-8th grades) for students in the Greater Park Hill-Stapleton enrollment zone. We aim to provide this community with a high-performing, stand-alone middle school focused on providing students with a hands-on, brains-on educational experience. We are a high-performing, high-growth school who is considered distinguished  according to the school performance framework. Our teachers at the existing campus have received the high-growth/performance bonuses every year we have been operating.

We are proudly located on the Inspire Elementary campus as a new addition is built to accommodate our anticipated 500+ seats for students. In the 2019-2020 school year, we will be serving 6th grade students within this enrollment zone and will add a grade level every year until our final build out in 2023-2024. Our student schedule runs Monday-Thursday from 8:00-3:30, and on Friday from 8:00-12:45 in order to give teachers a significant block of time to attend to their professional obligations from 1:00-4:00pm.

Why Work at DGS Northfield?

Joyful Community:

At DGS we care about making our school a place where people want to be. We want to enjoy the time we’re at school, and we work hard to make DGS a joyful place that celebrates learning. We bring our school community together every Friday for Friday Celebrations-purely to have fun together! We host Harvest Festival, Culture Festival, and Community Day to celebrate our students as a wider community. And, Mr. Jaquette is infamous for pulling out his grill or smoker to cook delicious food for staff and students alike. There is no school culture like DGS school culture and we want you to be a part of it.

Teacher empowerment- engaging Learning is in your hands:

At DGS, we trust teachers as professionals, and honor that they know their students. With guidance from their teammates and instructional coaches, teachers are encouraged to build their own curriculum and assessments based on student interest and student need. As a teacher at DGS Northfield, not only will you be given our trust to develop your own relevant learning units, but we will also give you adequate release time to perfect your craft. On top of it all, you’ll never be a teacher in a silo. You will have weekly opportunities to meet with a coach to better your teaching practice and to meet in formative data teams with your peers to consider student progress.

Shared leadership:

At DGS, leadership is less defined by the talent of the individuals in administrative roles and more defined by a unique organization called “The Partnership,” which consists of a blend of teachers and administrators that engages in both distributed leadership and shared decision-making. The Partnership consists of teachers and administrators working in concert to make critical school decisions in issues ranging from budget and professional development to instruction and organizational strategy. Each partner shepherds their own leadership tasks and contributes to our shared leadership decisions using a consensus decision-making model. For example, the staff newsletter, teacher hiring, and community events are led by teachers within the Partnership. The greatest asset of DGS is the powerful sense of teacher empowerment, and this is the by-product of a school that is run by a Partnership that specifically includes teacher voice.

relevant Learning:

DGS Middle Schoolers march in defense of their opinions at the 2018 Gun Violence Rally after the tragic Parkland Shootings.

DGS Middle Schoolers march in defense of their opinions at the 2018 Gun Violence Rally after the tragic Parkland Shootings.

At DGS, middle school students are highly engaged in real-world learning opportunities. At our our current campus, after the tragic Parkland school shooting in Florida, middle school students were able to research gun violence statistics, write an essay about their views on gun laws and, if desired, go to the capitol to march in defense of their opinions. Our sixth graders recently commuted on RTD and/or bikes all over the city to compare the difference between Denver neighborhoods (ie. access to fresh food, cultural experiences, libraries, etc.). These examples, along with a robust excursion program,  and hopefully a future farm and garden, allow students to understand how their actions impact the wider community.

Closing the Opportunity gap:

At DGS, we have been making concrete strides in the actual closing of the opportunity gap. We prioritize maintaining a students-first school culture by promoting relationship building with students and families alike. We are committed to holding all students to high expectations, having clear and communicated rationales for the rules we enforce, and authentically celebrating student success. The commitment to this endeavor has lead to our students of color performing within the top five percent of the district. At DGS we’ve found that when every student is seen and appreciated for who they are, they grow.

Positions Available for the 2019-2020 School Year:

(More detailed job descriptions can be found on the DPS Job Board. Feel free to email any other questions to Erin Miller at

  • 1, Special Education Paraprofessional

Hiring Process and Timeline

Being a teacher-led school, we are looking for candidates who share a desire to live out Denver Green School’s Mission, Vision and Values and maintain a students-first approach to education. We are interested in teachers and staff members who have a vested interest in contributing to our school community. Our hiring process has four steps, candidates are asked to continue to the next step as our hiring committee deems appropriate. Our hiring process is as follows:

Hiring Round 1:

How Do I Apply?

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions please apply for the position via the DPS Job Board and email your resume directly to: with the email subject line, “Resume for __ Position.”

  • Resumes Accepted and Reviewed: 1/4-2/1

  • Phone Interviews Conducted: 1/7-2/1

  • Sample Teaching Lesson (Video or observed): 2/4-2/22

  • Formal Interview with Hiring Committee: 2/4-2/22

Hiring Round 2:

  • Resumes Accepted and Reviewed: 2/25-3/8

  • Phone Interviews Conducted: 2/25-3/8

  • Sample Teaching Lesson (Video or observed): 3/11-3/22

  • Formal Interview with Hiring Committee: 3/11-3/22

Hiring Round 3:

  • Resumes Accepted and Reviewed: 4/1-4/12

  • Phone Interviews Conducted: 4/1-4/12

  • Sample Teaching Lesson (Video or observed): 4/15-4/2

  • Formal Interview with Hiring Committee: 4/15-4/26