Denver Green School Northfield


When the Community Placement Committee and the DPS Board picked Denver Green School Northfield as the newest middle school to join DPS, it represented a great moment for students and families in northeast Denver. Set to open in August 2019 with approximately 150 6th graders, DGS Northfield combines academic excellence with an engaging and joyous learning model.

Our original campus has the 2nd highest literacy growth and 2nd highest math growth of 58 DPS middle schools. Of 513 middle schools in the State, DGS is one of three schools nominated for the Colorado Succeeds Award for providing a Transformational Middle School Experience. We believe strongly that this level of academic success is a direct result of our dedication to make learning fun and relevant. With over ten excursions a year, teachers that are truly empowered and a school model that unites our community, Denver Green School Northfield is great choice for Denver families.

Why Choose DGS? 

  1. One of seven core values of DGS is Relevance, and that is why our 6th graders head out for excursions over ten times a year. These excursions link class concepts to the real world.  The highlight is always the 4-day camping trip to Moab. We look forward to taking our incoming group of 6th graders to Moab in the spring of 2020.

  2. The new Northfield Campus will be led by Erin Miller and Kartal Jaquette. Kartal Jaquette has led the current middle school for the last four years and Erin has been on the school leadership team for four years as well. Both Erin and Kartal pride themselves as being organized and intentional leaders.

  3. DGS incorporates sustainability concepts into our units of study.  This project-based work ensures the next generation gets the benefit of a more long-term approach to the opportunities and challenges students will face in the future. Whether the focus is fiscal sustainability, health and nutrition, environmental sustainability or social justice, these units of study make learning engaging and provide a key life skills.

  4. The number one value of DGS is Community.  As such, we are determined to meet the community's desire to have daily Spanish, a robust sports program and dynamic range of the arts. We expect students to be enriched by these choices during the school day but also after school as well.

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  • Monday, Jan. 14th, 5:30-6:30 at DGS Northfield (Inspire Elementary).
  • Wednesday, Jan. 16th, 6:00-8:00pm Middle School Expo at Bruce Randolph
  • Thursday, Jan. 17th, 6:00-8:00pm Middle School Expo at Evie Dennis Campus
  • Tuesday, Jan. 22nd, 5:30-6:30 Westerly Creek

What is DGS?

Green school to the core Basic Facts

  1. Shared Leadership: The Green School model utilizes a team of administrators (licensed principal) and teachers that use consensus to make key school decisions around budget, professional development and strategy.

  2. Education for Sustainability: Much like an International Baccalaureate school (IB) uses interdisciplinary units to teach skills that leverage interesting units of study and character development, our focus on sustainability helps drive teachers to develop relevant and engaging units. Our EfS standards target the knowledge, skills and values to live a sustainable life, which for us, focus on environmental sustainability, social justice issues, personal health/nutrition and fiscal sustainability.

  3. Empowered Community: Each stakeholder in education, from administrator to teacher and student to family is best engaged when they have an authentic voice in the process. With this guiding philosophy in mind, we don't force curriculum on teachers, we don't do uniforms, we include students in our CSC (collaborative school community), and we prioritize transparency.

  4. Excursion Program: In order for DGS to live the value of relevance, we must leave the campus to engage in the real world. In practice, this would be around ten excursions a year.

  1. Location: Denver Green School Northfield is located at the Park Street Campus. In 2019-20 we will share our building with Inspire Elementary. In 2020-21, we will move into a new addition being built on-site.

  2. Size: We expect to open with approximately 150 6th graders in year 1. As we grow, we expect to reach 180 students per grade, for a total of 540 middle school students.

  3. Enrollment Zone: We are part of the Greater Park Hill Stapleton Enrollment Zone. Families within the zone that choice us number 1, will be near certain to get into DGS Northfield. Any family in the zone that lives more than 2.5 miles from the school will get district provided bussing. In some instances, families within the 2.5 miles can get a waiver for DPS provided transportation.

  4. Innovation Zone: Just like McAuliffe, we are part of an innovation zone. This means we are not a charter school, but we have more autonomy than traditional schools and use this to opt out of district systems with the resulting funds going to more staffing and resources for students.

  5. Schedule: Our school day begins each day at 8am. On Monday-Thursday, we dismiss at 3:30. On Friday, we dismiss at 12:45 so that teachers can collaborate and plan. We have after school opportunities each day, including Friday. Our calendar generally follows the DPS calendar with a few exceptions and will be released in the coming months.

Learn About Our Model

Got the time to geek out on education? If so, check out how our school's prioritization of teacher empowerment, shared leadership, a focus on equity and formative data have taken our educational game to the next level! These videos come from our consulting website,

A Joyful School

The Green School Model, with a focus on sustainability, engagement and relevance has many components built into our program that make school a joyful place. While that is true, we continue to prioritize  our time and resources to ensure students are developing their voice and enjoying their time here. For example, we do not have uniforms. We also have students perform regularly at our school to share their talents. If that isn't enough, our Friday Celebrations are a great time for our community to come together and celebrate a hard week of work. Check out some of our videos to see what is possible for the new Middle School in Northfield next year!

The Denver Green School middle school often incorporates fun contests into our Friday Celebrations. This one turned out to be epic!

Ma'Kye, Markee, Christian and Mr. Jaquette share their plans for success. Izaiah and Ma'Kye drop the beats.

On October 25th, the DGS Middle School devoted our Demonstration Night to our year long "Path to Success" project. We enjoyed a cookout thanks to a record setting warm fall evening, were treated to delightful speeches from our students and then broke into small groups, to hear each student share their Path to Success Essay.

This video was 2nd place in last year’s video competition. Seemed like a slam dunk win to us!

Careers at DGS Northfield

The Denver Green School Northfield is the newest middle school option (6th-8th grades) for students in the Greater Park Hill-Stapleton enrollment zone. We aim to provide this community with a high-performing, stand-alone middle school focused on providing students with a hands-on, brains-on educational experience. For more details about why DGS is a great place to work, see our Careers page. We are now hiring for many positions for the 2019-2020 school year.

Current openings include:

  • 2 6th Grade Literacy Teachers

  • 2 6th Grade Math Teachers

  • 1 6th Grade Science Teacher

  • 1 Mild/Moderate Special Education Teacher

  • 1 6th Grade Foreign Language: Spanish Teacher

  • 1 Music Teacher (Primarily Instrumental)

  • 1 Physical Education Teacher/Excursion Coordinator

  • 1 Office Support Staff Member- Level II

  • 1 School Psychologist (.4 FTE)

  • 1 English Development/English as a Second Language Teacher (ELD/ESL)*

    If you are interested in applying for any of these positions please apply for the position via the DPS Job Board and email your resume directly to: with the email subject line, “Resume for __ Position.”