A Joyous School!

How is it going at DGS Northfield? Well, great!

Here is our 8/22 Thursday Folder.

CAMPING GROUPS FOR WEEK OF 9/9: This sheet indicates whether your child is camping 9/9 to 9/10 or 9/11 to 9/12 for our single night overnight at Golden Gate Canyon State Park. If you choose for your child to not attend, that is fine, we have two other excursions that week. You can identify your interest in chaperoning using this form and also please read the letter below about background checks and get on that ASAP. *We know many families already indicated interest in our registration form. This one has a bit more detail which will be helpful for us!

FARM STAND AND COMMUNITY GATHERING: Our nonprofit partner, SustainEd Farms, will be working with Farmer Nick to host a farm stand during pick-up on Monday afternoons (3-5 PM). Additionally, on Thursday afternoons, they will host community gardening from 3-5 PM. This is a time for families and students to get into our community garden and help care for our plants.

EXCURSION CHAPERONES: DPS has some new policies around chaperoning excursions (day-trips and overnight trips). Please see this letter from our excursions coordinator, Trace Martin, about the new requirements. If you would like to chaperone an upcoming trip, please get started on the background check process and email trace_martin@denvergreenschool.org, if you have any questions or concerns..

COFFEE & CONVERSATION: AUGUST 30TH: The last Friday of every month, from 8:15-9:15, we invite all community members to enter our DGS entrance and join us in the conference room (room 209) for “Coffee and Conversation”. Kartal and Erin will host a time where we drink coffee, enjoy some breakfast food, mingle and then talk school. Erin and Kartal will share some brief news and then families can ask questions, give shout-outs and if desired, voice concerns. It is a great time to be with fellow community members and keep up with all things DGS Northfield

DGS NORTHFIELD RAPIDS NIGHT: On Saturday, September 7th, DGS Northfield families can get discounted tickets to the Rapids vs. Sounders game. Tickets are $15 and normally cost $15. Here is the flyer for the game with the promo code. Below is a link to buy tickets. https://Rapids.KSETickets.com/denvergreen0907 Promo Code: RAPIDSDENVERGREEN

The First DGS Northfield Bottle Flipping Championship was a smashing success!

The First DGS Northfield Bottle Flipping Championship was a smashing success!


  • Thursday, September 26th: Culture Festival

  • September 30th-October 3rd: Conferences
    Time slots will be between 4pm-7pm

Fall After School Clubs:

Drama: Tue/Thur. 3:45-5:30

  • Students will Prepare for a production we will put on to show community.

  • Club will go on indefinitely. For now, Pay for 15 sessions at $105

Flag Football: Cancelled due to low enrollment. Next time!

Modern Band: Monday, 3:45-5:00

  • Play the guitar, bass, drums or piano is the DGS band Crucial Taunt *actual band name may not be a Wayne’s World Reference

  • Club will go on indefinitely. For now, pay $55 for 11 sessions. 

Garden Club: Wed: 3:45-5:00 

  • Students will learn about gardening and aquaponics through hands on lessons. 

  • 10 sessions for Free (through a grant from the Foundation for Sustainable Urban Communities.