DGS in the Denver Post

On the front page of the September 8th, 2019 Denver Post. Brush them shoulders off!

On the front page of the September 8th, 2019 Denver Post. Brush them shoulders off!

Here is our 10/10 Thursday Folder. Here is our 10/3 Thursday Folder. Here is our 9/26 Thursday Folder. Here is our 9/19 Thursday Folder.

PICKING A MASCOT: Yes, DGS Northfield is picking a mascot, and our October 11th Friday Celebration will allow students to argue for a particular mascot. Students will have access to this form to make a nomination. We hope to avoid names that other middle schools have (listed on the form). We also want a name we can be proud of indefinitely and welcome humor and/or creativity.

PICTURE DAY OCTOBER 16TH: School picture day is scheduled with Bloom School Pictures on Wednesday, October 16th. Bloom does not have any pre-ordering or pre-payments as everything is online. A few weeks after picture day we will let you know when your student's website will be available to view and order pictures. You can review picture day information including links to ordering and retakes here... https://bloomschoolpictures.com/dgs. We will send out a reminder closer to picture day to make sure your students are prepared.

PATH TO SUCCESS ESSAYS: In literacy class, students are beginning work on their Path to Success Essays. These essays, which will be shared on our 11/7 Path to Success Night, ask students to identify what life goals motivate them. Is it a dream job, to be a great parent, to go to college, to help others or to own a home? Families can support this work by getting metta with their students by asking a question like “What do you want to achieve in your life?” or “Is there a job you really aspire to have?” This essay, and the goal it represents, provides the motivation for students and staff to really invest in our daily work, which is helping students grow. We look forward to sharing them!

COFFEE & CONVERSATION: October 25th: The last Friday of every month, from 8:15-9:15, we invite all community members to enter our DGS entrance and join us in the conference room (room 209) for “Coffee and Conversation”. Kartal and Erin will host a time where we drink coffee, enjoy some breakfast food, mingle and then talk school. Erin and Kartal will share some brief news and then families can ask questions, give shout-outs and if desired, voice concerns. It is a great time to be with fellow community members and keep up with all things DGS Northfield


  • Thursday, November 7th: Path to Success Night

  • Thursday, December 18th: Winter Concert

Our September 11th Camping Trip is in the books. See some of the fun we had.

Fall After School Clubs:

Drama: Tue/Thur. 3:45-5:30

  • Students will Prepare for a production we will put on to show community. Club will go on indefinitely. For now, Pay for 15 sessions at $105

Modern Band: Monday, 3:45-5:00

  • Play the guitar, bass, drums or piano is the DGS band. Club will go on indefinitely. For now, pay $55 for 11 sessions. 

Garden Club: Wed: 3:45-5:00 

  • Students will learn about gardening and aquaponics through hands on lessons. 10 sessions for Free (through a grant from the Foundation for Sustainable Urban Communities.