Updates For Year 0 

When a new school opens, the year before a school starts is called “year 0”. This is a pivotal time to make sure all the pieces are properly set in motion to launch a great school. With transparency and community in mind, below are some updates for year 0. This update is accurate as of 4/18/19.

  • Recruitment: We are ecstatic to have 104 families choice us #1 in the choice process and an additional 24 families that choices us lower in the process slated to come to our school. These numbers are a hair above the 125 the district projected and will allow us to have all the hires we hoped to launch the school. This is a great foundation and speaks to how this model has resonated with the community.

  • Hiring: Erin Miller, one of our two Lead Partners, has led a very successful hiring process. We already have 12 14 of our 16 full-time positions hired! We are still looking for the perfect social studies teacher, music instructor and autism center teacher. Check our staff page for more info!

  • Fundraising: As the first school to replicate within an Innovation Zone, there is a lot of interest from foundations that want to push education. We have commitments in the neighborhood of 150k and are hopeful that another 50-150k is on the way.

  • Shared Campus: Our relationship with Inspire Elementary and their leader, Dr. Marisol Enriquez is off to a great start! We already have a co-gardening program launched and identified several shared positions between our two schools.

  • Bell Times: We are excited that our requested daily schedule, Monday-Thursday 8:15-3:45 and Friday, 8:15-12:15 was approved by DPS Transportation. We are beginning our work to identify after school options for Friday, in addition to opportunities Monday-Thursday. We imagine bus schedules will take a considerable time for transportation to develop.

  • Building: While the current space could fit our school next year and the 2020-2021 school year, we are excited that the district will begin work on our addition in the fall, ready in time for the 2020-2021 school year. We have been actively involved in guiding this addition of three science labs, a culinary class, a revamped office, a new music room and a multi-purpose space.

  • Purchasing: From ordering a soccer ball, to installing 75-inch NewLine Interactive displays, one-t0-one computing, furniture for the library loft, a $3,000 baritone saxophone, and a spatula for our culinary class, there is a lot of work to navigate district systems to leverage the money set aside to help new schools open.


Welcome BBQ.gif
  • Saturday, April 20th: Welcome BBQ
    11:30-2:00pm at DGS Northfield (Inspire Elementary).

  • Monday, August 12th: Back to School Night
    5:30-6:45pm at DGS Northfield

  • Thursday, August 15th: First day of school!